Alicia Cafarelli


Leadership Consultant

The unique power you possess is activated when you discover and develop your intuition.

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The world needs more magical leaders. The challenge is we are losing them to burnout, insufficient support, and lack of development. There is also frustration with existing leadership operating from seriously outdated playbooks. I believe we can overcome these challenges by gaining perspective and support. Together we can build your confidence and tap into your potential. I provide guidance to leaders in discovering, defining, and developing their authentic leadership style by relying on their instinct.


It is a common belief that people should maintain two identities; that your "work self" and "home self" should be different. In reality we are complex humans with many emotions and dimensions. My belief is these identities are one in the same and should not be considered separate.

Moving away from the idea that there is a standard blueprint for leaders to follow opens the door for creativity and authenticity. Simply put, it's time to humanize leaders. When you empower leaders to be empathetic, relatable, and allow space for trial and error it creates a healthy environment for people to thrive.

To understand people leadership, we need to spend the time to really understand ourselves. In order to get the most out of our time together you will need to be open and vulnerable. Prioritizing ourselves can be difficult, therefore you must be ready to dedicate the time in and out of our sessions to do the work. This type of work is a journey that will continue far beyond our time together. Meaningful growth takes time. I will help create the foundation and it's up to you to keep going.

We have to find a holistic balance to how we approach people leadership as the decisions we make impact people on many levels. My core philosophy is that effective leaders rely on their intuition and spend time frequently reflecting in order to grow. Leadership is unique to the individual, which is why I tailor 1-1 sessions to keep the focus on you.


As you read through the below one-on-one offerings, you may find that you resonate with one option or see yourself in all of them. Whether you are ready to explore the topics below or are looking for something more customized.

I would love to discuss your needs and determine a path that is tailored to your success.

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Get Grounded

For leaders that may be facing challenges, or experiencing burnout, which can feel like mental and physical exhaustion caused by workload, team dynamic, or lack of resources/support.

Learn sustainable ways to reclaim your energy, set boundaries, prioritize your wellbeing, learn to advocate for yourself, better support your team, and grow as a leader.

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Intuitive Leadership

For all leaders whether you are in your first leadership role or have been leading for 10+ years. Most managers are never given a handbook and are doing their best to figure it out as they go.

Together we will identify and cultivate your personal leadership style and values. You will learn how to build (or rebuild) a solid foundation in your people leadership approach through discovering and developing your intuition.

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Reflect & Flourish

For experienced leaders who feel stagnant in their career. Perhaps you were never given the feedback needed to grow or have not landed the promotion you are seeking.

You need a collaborative partner to design and drive your career vision. Together we will step back, dive into a career reflection, and discover your unique power.

All offerings are available in both 3-month and 6-month commitments.

To schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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Through our collaboration, my objectives are for you to gain the following:

Path 2:

Path 1:

Path 3:

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Get Grounded

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Intuitive Leadership

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Reflect & Flourish

Box Outline
  • Understand the root of your challenges or burnout and have a safe space to release.

  • Establish comfort with when and how to set boundaries.

  • Create a path towards self-advocacy.

  • Identify and practice ways to support your wellbeing.

Box Outline
  • Define and align your leadership values.

  • Explore and apply your leadership style.

  • Learn how to manage and make decisions using your intuition.

  • Develop the confidence to trust in yourself.

Box Outline
  • Through guided self-reflection, gain an understanding of where you should be investing your energy.

  • Tap into your power through identifying and activating your unique skills.

  • Create a career vision and tailored goals that align to the best use of your energy and unique skills.

about Me

Alicia Cafarelli (she/her) has been a trusted and influential leader in the tech industry for 13+ years. Alicia specializes in the building and scaling of client success teams in startup businesses.

Alicia passionately advocates for transparency, empathy, and authenticity in the workplace. She has had incredible success developing and promoting leaders at various levels within organizations. Alicia

has been recognized as an exemplary leader and credits her team-building success to her ability to trust her instinct, and to align her decision making to her values.

She has held speaking engagements at Girls in Tech events. Alicia has also been requested as both a keynote speaker and panelist in numerous webinars in the HR space. She has offered her experience and expertise with focused discussion on the importance of creating a culture of appreciation, fostering employee recognition, well-being and fulfillment.

Alicia has co-chaired a Pride employee resource group, a Women in Leadership resource group, and was a founding member of a JEDI council (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion). Alicia is the most passionate about opportunities to mentor and help other leaders bring their best selves forward.

Alicia has earned a Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University and is a certified Energy Healer. She loves the art of drag, is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, serves on the board of directors for The Red Dress Party San Diego, and cuddles her puppies any chance she gets.

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